" Hi Rachael.  I just wanted to let you know that everything went really well with the delivery.  I was able to do it naturally.  Your class was really helpful.  The contractions were rough but I found rocking on the rocking chair and swaying with my husband was helpful especially during transition. I remembered what you said about the contractions being temporary and purposeful.  That's what helped me to keep going.  I'm really happy with how everything went.  I was surprised especially with so many people having negative birth stories about childbirth.  I had a great experience and I'm really grateful!  Thanks for everything.
-Jenn, 2013

"I want to thank Confident Birthing Pittsburgh for preparing us for the birth our first baby. There was a much more personal touch of having a childbirth educator come to our home rather than taking a group class at a hospital. The convenience of having Rachael come to our house and having the one- on-one sessions were exactly what we were looking for. Since this was our first baby, we had no idea what to expect during pregnancy, labor, delivery, or how to care for our newborn. Rachael was both knowledgeable and easy to understand and talk to. We were completely comfortable asking her questions without feeling judged or incompetent. We used the book that was included in the class to refer back to on many occasions during pregnancy, which was really helpful. Also, Rachael was available after the class was completed to answer any questions/concerns, which was great since our heads were spinning after taking in all of the new information that is vitally important! lol Thanks again for preparing us for the birth of our baby boy! Without you, it wouldn't have gone as smoothly as it did!"
- Leah, 2013

"Thanks again for coming out on Tuesday. We loved the childbirth class and definitely got a lot out of it (without feeling too stupid about some of our questions!) I think it's a great option for people and definitely appreciate the materials and your teaching style. We're looking forward to the infant care class later this month, too!"
-Laura, 2013

"I wanted to thank you again for coming to the house. It really made us feel confident and educated about the birthing process. I think my husband really benefited too because he was a rock and that made it so much easier for me."
-Kylee, 2014

"Rachael's birthing class was such a personal experience. She came to our home and discussed anything we had questions about and the entire birthing process from start to finish. She informed me about what I would feel and experience as a postpartum mom. She was knowledgable about lactation as well and offered some tips that stuck with me on that first day of my sons life. She offers her advice and expertise in a nonjudgmental way that makes it evident that she loves what she does. Helping us to be prepared for the birth of our son was so important and I can't thank her enough."
-Melody, 2015

"Labor was great! We used your tips and it eased the pain and got me to 8-9 cm before I got the epidural!! My husband used the back pressure technique you showed us and it helped so much. I only pushed for 45 minutes. It really was a great experience!"
-Emily 2015